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Fall League

Attention: Please make sure to check the schedule/roster prior to each game in the event there are any changes!

The Fall League is strictly an individual league only. By design, we do not allow full teams to participate to maximize the best level of competition. We try to even out teams as much as possible to try to prevent lopsided games. Everyone gets equal playing time. We will follow Ohio High School rules so the two player per school will apply for grades 7-12.

The league will be at Thomas Worthington starting Sept 10-Oct 22 and will run 7 Sundays. The cost is $90 and jerseys will be provided. Friend requests cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best to try to accommodate the requests. Games will start at 12 pm and will start with grades 3 and 4. The High school kids will be last but times will not be finalized until all applications are in. The applications need to be postmarked by September 5th. No phone calls will be made so please check the website Friday Sept 8th for rosters and schedule.

Application Rules Schedule Girls' Roster Boys' Roster

Modified on: Friday, September 15, 2017