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Ohio Sports Plus League Information

2024 3v3 Freeplay Summer League

We will be holding a 3v3 Freeplay Summer League with a few variations to your normal league.  It will be for the following age groups/divisions:

  • Girls 3rd/4th Grade
  • Girls 5th/6th Grade
  • Girls 7th/8th Grade
  • Boys 3rd/4th Grade
  • Boys 5th/6th Grade

The details are below with the biggest wrinkle as the #1 detail:

  • NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE FACILITY DURING THE GAMES.  Freeplay means the kids are playing and figuring out how to play the game themselves.  The kids are calling their own fouls and violations.  If you can't or do not want to abide by this, then please don't register your team.
  • Location: Ohio Sports Plus, 4140 Tuller Road, Suite 118, Dublin, OH 43017.
  • Court monitors at each court for each game making sure everything is running smooth and keeping score.
  • Girls play dates are Tuesdays June 4, 11, 18, and 25 
  • Boys play dates are Thursdays June 6, 13, 20, and 27
  • Tuesday times are 2pm to 5pm.  Each team plays 2-20 minute games in 1 hour slot each day.
  • Thursday times are 2pm to 4pm.  Each team plays 2-20 minute games in 1 hour slot each day.
  • 8 teams maximum per division.  A team will not be considered registered until they have filled out the registration form AND completed payment.
  • 5 kids max per team.  We encourage 5 so you have subs when teammates go on vacation.
  • Each registered athlete will be provided a t-shirt.
  • Cost is $170 per team plus a $10 processing fee.

To register for the 3v3 Freeplay Summer League please click on the link below.  When you register, please make sure you are clicking the correct age group for your team.  Once a division has 8 teams, that division is closed.

Registration ends May 31, 2024!  League is closed!


Please read below.  Any question not answered here, E-mail

Why can't we watch our kids play?  We are encouraging Freeplay for the kids which means they are playing the game and figuring out for themselves.  We also found that kids tend to enjoy playing the game more if spectators aren't present.  This isn't for the NBA title so not watching them play for 4 weeks won't be the worst thing in the world. 😀

Can we request times that are games are played at?  We prefer that you didn't.  We really don't know what the schedule will look like until the registration closes.  To make it easier, we prefer that you just have the flexibility to be available for the time slot allowed.

We can't make all the weeks are there makeup dates?  No makeup dates.  If you can't make a week, then that is on you.

We can't make all the weeks can we get a prorated price?  No.  If you can't make a week, then that is on you.

One or more of our teammates are going on vacation and missing a date.  What do we do?  You can try to find an appropriate sub for that day to make sure you have the minimum kids.  If you don't have three minimum, you can take a chance that someone from another team would play for you.  That is why we encourage everybody to check their schedules before signing up. 

Why is it limited to these age groups? Ohio Sports Plus has two courts, but they are not full-sized courts.  Thus high school kids for example would not be able to have the spacing that their bigger bodies probably need to play 3v3.  We feel the age groups that we are offering this to will be able to play 3v3 comfortably on our courts without compromising the integrity of the game.